Joint Mobile Group - Laureate 2013
The Joint Mobile Group seeks accountability for human rights abuses in Chechnya, notably enforced disappearances, torture in custody, and extra-judicial executions. 

Igor Kalyapin, President of the Joint Mobile Group (Martin Ennals Award Laureate 2013), personally defamed and intimidated by the Ramzan Khadyrov Head of the Chechen Republic

Read more at Front Line Defenders, a member of the Martin Ennals Award Jury.

Martin Ennals Award Ceremony 2013 - Short Summary

Joint Mobile Group Film Martin Ennals Award Laureate 2013

Mario Joseph Film Portrait - Martin Ennals Award Final Nominee 2013

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In collaboration with
The City of Geneva

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The Jury consists of 10
leading Human Rights NGO’s

The Panel of Regional NGOs support
the Jury with their in depth
Regional knowledge